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What's Meerschaum?

Why Meerschaum?
Why Altinok?



The Noble Meerschaum

The noble meerschaum is unique among pipes. Its mysterious properties make it a perfect smoke and, at the same time, a work of art; a pipe highly prized by the connoisseur and beginning smoker alike. Meerschaum is a German word meaning sea foam.

The mineral itself is the fossilized shells of tiny sea creatures that fell to the ocean floor over 50 million years ago, there to be covered and compressed over the ages by layer upon layer of silt. Profound movements in the earths crust raised the creamy white stone of meerschaum above sea level.

There men eventually discovered it and created an incomparable pipe from it. The first record of meerschaum as a pipe dates from ca. 1723.

A Perfect Pipe For Smoking

Have you ever smoked a meerschaum pipe? A good quality one made of premium grade block meerschaum? If your answer is 'not yet', you should acquire one Altinok soon. You will see, your life will change as it never was.

A good quality meerschaum pipe will indeed give you much better smoking quality and pleasure in comparison to the others. No breaking in, no cake, no resting between smokes, cool and dry smoke are only some incredible features of a quality meerschaum pipe.

Whether you are a beginner or a connoisseur, you sure deserve to have at least one  Altinok in your arsenal for the pure pleasure of a meerschaum pipe.

First Time Here?

May not be heard of us before or first time you are visiting our website. You are very welcome at Altinok Meerschaum Pipes.

We invite you to shop with confidence.  Every single pipe in our store has been carefully selected to meet our high standards for quality and value. All customer data is always kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. Also, credit card data will be encrypted by 256 bit SSL connection before they are sent to our payment processor for authorization. Paypal is also available for your convenience.

Last but not least, keep in mind that we always strive to make your shopping the most enjoyable with us. Happy shopping!

Top Five Reasons to Acquire an Altinok Meerschaum Pipe


Cool & Dry Smoking

An Altinok Meerschaum Pipe will offer you the best pleasure of a cool and dry smoke. Because our pipes are made of only high grade block meerschaum, they carry millions of invisible pores breathing itself as you smoke. Also, only the pure aroma of your tobacco you smoke, nothing else will be appended unlike briars.



No Breaking-In Period

With an Altinok Meerschaum Pipe, you will no longer wait to get the most out of your new pipe. No initial period is needed to break a meerschaum pipe in. Once you have received your pipe, you can give a start in its first day for the utmost use.



No Cake Buildup

An Altinok Meerschaum Pipe will not make a cake inside the bowl unlike briars to scrape off every other day. However, it is recommended to clean the bowl chamber with a soft cleaning tissue once in a while for a long time use.



No Resting Periods

No resting time is needed between the bowls with an Altinok Meerschaum Pipe. You can smoke your favourite pipe as frequent as you like. An absolute freedom!




All Best Quality

An Altinok Meerschaum Pipe is always made of premium grade block meerschaum which is vitally necessary for a good smoke. It is feather light and extremely porous. Tenon and mortise fittings come from Germany as delrin and teflon. We use pure natural beeswax for finishing which is indispensable for a good coloring. All in all, the best meerschaum carvers work for Altinok Pipes to make an excellent pipe from all of these.

Meerschaum is the Queen of Pipes!

Sorry if I make you mad!



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