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Carve Your Own Pipe


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Carve Your Own Pipe

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Carve Your Own Pipe

As you may know, the Turkish laws do not allow us to export the raw meerschaum for any reason. This legal product is a pre-drilled raw meerschaum pipe just ready for carving. We think that the carving artists and enthusiasts would be attracted by such an interesting semi-pipe.

Caution: This is premium quality block meerschaum. Before starting carving your pipe, allow it to dampen for a while by putting it into water. After about 1 hour time, it softens sufficiently to get ready for an easy carving. Keep your dampened raw meerschaum block in a nylon pouch between the carving periods or when not in use to avoid it to dry again. Just for your information, our carvers mostly use their knife's very thin and sharp point for carving. But, of course, it is up to you. After carving, allow the pipe to dry and then dip in wax to finish. You need to use a special wax for this.

Well, if it sounds a piece of cake? Give it a try then. Good luck and happy carving! Product ships with a case.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will not accept returns due to the unforeseen defects in the blocks as we have no idea what is inside by nature such as cracks, airholes, etc. You may purchase this product at your own risk.

*Stand shown in the lower picture not included.

How To Wax?
Need Wax?

Price:  $160.00


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Please note; The pipe shape, carvings and measuring may slightly vary when made to order.

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